Friday, March 13, 2009

Fix-it Friday!

I decided to start participating in the Fix-it Fridays on I Heart Faces to help me improve my photo editing skills. So, here are my fixes for "Cutie Pie," I used Photoshop.


Fix #1: For this one, I used the Magic Wand tool to get rid of all the stuff around her face. Then I used the shapes tool to put a black rectangle in that area. Then I used the blur tool to soften the edges around her face.
Fix #2: For this one, I did the above steps, but I changed the black rectangle to white and then used the "texturizer" filter. I think it has a nice effect and helps to hide the imperfections.

Look at all the other fixes at


  1. Beautiful fix. I also love playing around in PS :)

  2. beautiful, I love the first one. great job

  3. What a great idea! I love what you did with the texture. Thanks for playing along with my picture! ;)

  4. Nice job changing the background! The texture is really pretty, too! Good job!