Friday, July 10, 2009

I ♥ Faces -- Constructive Feedback Friday

Yeah! I have never participated in constructive feedback friday, so I am really excited to get some help! I love taking outdoor pictures, but the lighting isn't always the best. I took this shot with my Cannon EOS Digital Rebel XT. I'm not sure about the EXIF Data for the picture was.

What I don't like:
~The Brightness! It's so splotchy around his face. Is there any way to make it look good afterward, or to avoid this altogether when is this kind of situation outside?

~Also, is there any way to edit out the play gym in the top right corner, without making it look bad?

Here is my edit. I use Photoshop version 8, which I am still learning and hope to get a newer version soon. I just did the Auto Color adjustment, which helped a little, but nothing else I did looked good.

I appreciate any help and criticism you can give me on these subjects or not. I really want to improve my skills. THANKS!


  1. I am NOT a professional BUT, I used picnik a lot lately and you can clone out the gym in the background. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of practice. Go to the clone tool. Use the make a selection tool and go for it. Do it in small increments and Make a selection more than once to keep the right color where you want it. Also for lighting, I am horrible about getting the right lighting, but sometimes converting to black and white or a sepia will make the picture turn our perfect. If not use a zoom or a focal b and white or something or a cross process to lighten the whole photos.

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for participating! You've got an adorable little man!

    I've taken a look at your exif data. You've shot at f/8, which creates a large depth of field (means a lot is in focus). You might consider a larger aperture (bigger number) so that your subject pops out from the background a bit more.

    Another thing to think about is shooting in open shade. When sun highlighs get on the skin, it can be a little tricky.

    As an I hearts; Faces contributor, I've played with the photo and edited myself. I worked on the levels, shadows/highlights, contrast, and sharpened. You can see the edit here:

    Again, great job and good for you for trying to learn more about photography! All the best!

  3. love that darling dimple! adorable! no constructive feedback from me (bc not enough knowledge), but had to comment and tell you how cute he is!